5 Best Cities to Visit in Spain Recommended for Tourists

Best Cities to Visit in Spain

Viva Espana! The land of rabbits, Spain is considered as having one of the oldest cultures in the world which caused so much influence the world over. With its history and rich heritage, it’s no wonder why tourists from around the globe fly to check out the best cities to visit in Spain. The country is known to be exotic in Europe because of the friendly inhabitants. With excellent beaches, lively nightlife, historical places and several cultural regions, Spain is sure to be a beautiful destination.

Boredom is not an option in this country because of its popular festivities, not to mention, 250 plus celebrations to choose from! Starting with the parade of Three Kings in December, then Colorful Carnival in February, the flaming Papier-mache figures for the Fallas Festival in March, Solemnity of Easter Week for April and in summer, you get to enjoy the Traditional bull run in the San Juan Bonfires or join the Tomatina Tomato Festivity. These are just a few to mention. Check the list and be awed by these lovely and beautiful cities in Spain which is worth a visit.

1. Madrid

The country’s city that never sleeps, Madrid, is one of the best cities to visit in Spain. A very exciting nightlife which most would say that sundown is the signal to ready yourself and party all you want till sunrise! For culture lovers, enjoy and be amazed by the eye-catching collection of Spanish arts in the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia museums. These three are the Golden Triangle of Madrid. The city has it all, be it historical monuments, beautiful parks and a lot of bars and café.

Well maintained gardens and parks like the Retiro Park, Juan Carlos I Park or Casa de Campo offers people the chance to stroll, feed squirrels or simply enjoy the sunshine. Alternatively, enjoy visiting the Temple of Debod which is an Egyptian temple or check Puerta Del Sol and hang out. Hungry? Taste the world’s oldest, yet up and running restaurant since 1725 in Mercado de San Miguel with their delicious tapas and exquisite wine. Madrid is a perfect choice for spending a culture-rich weekend, with delicious food and vibrant nightlife.

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2. Barcelona

A delightful mixture of amazing architecture and beautiful Mediterranean beaches is Barcelona’s captivity. The beaches make a fine place to bike ride, stroll or jog on the seaside then get refreshed by the sea. Enjoy beach activities like kayaking and paddle boarding or simply relax on a sunset cruise. Visit the Collserola Hills which has lush greenery, best for hiking or mountain biking. Check the beauty of Montjuic with its gardens, a castle, and museum.

Like their rival Madrid, Barcelona offers limitless possibilities at night. As night approaches, the city is transformed into a paradise for nightlife with the flamenco or jazz all over the place and concert halls too. Visit old fashioned bars or clubs and party all night long. Do check the La Rambla Avenue filled with street entertainers, restaurants, and shops. If that’s not enough, check Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral or Parc Guell’s Picasso Museum and Jon Miro Foundation.

People visit Barcelona for business or pleasure. The city is very much endowed with character and beauty. Mediterranean climate and various attractions make the city as the world’s leading city for business. Barcelona is one of the best cities to visit in Spain.

3. Santiago de Compostela

Located in the northwest of Spain, Santiago de Compostela is known as Camino de Santiago’s final destination of their traditional pilgrimage. It is very significant to Christians because it’s believed to be the burial ground of St. James, an apostle of Christ. The city attracts several visitors each year because of its history and religious traditions. Pilgrims do arrive in Praza do Obradoiro. Located in the city’s heart, the famous plaza is a scene of many significant landmarks, especially the Santiago Cathedral which is said to be St. James’ Tomb.

Famous landmarks which are worthy of checking include Pazo de Raxoi, University of Santiago de Compostela, City of Culture of Galicia or the Church of San Francisco. This city is one of the most historic towns with plenty of people. Eating is not a problem too because of the fabulous Tapas bars. Try Rua do Franco for a selection of food and the menu is just mouth-watering.

4. Granada

A city with an interesting history, Granada is famous for its breathtaking sights. Located in Southern Spain, it is the capital of Granada Province. It is one of the best cities to visit in southern Spain. Named by the Arabians, this city is home to Islamic Spain and the very last city reclaimed by Christianity. It is named “The Land of a Thousand Castles” because of the rich Moorish heritage making the city a spectacular site.

Granada boasts a traditional culture of perfect blend, spectacular attractions and also has nightlife. Many visitors check the place because of the Alhambra which presents Andalusian history. The Alhambra is the final Moorish fortress in Europe. Additionally, Granada is where you can see treasures from Renaissance era. It includes the Royal Chapel, where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are buried. The city also has abundant restaurants and bars around Plaza Nueva, the oldest place for nightlife.

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5. Girona

Girona is Catalonia’s largest city full of incredible museums, galleries, and gothic churches. One of the best cities to visit in Spain, Girona is situated beside the river Onyar. History fans will be in for a treat because the place is abundant of medieval architecture. It includes the ruins of the Roman Fortress called The Força Vella, Sant Pere de Galligants, Sant Nicolau and the Arab Baths.

Passeig Arqueologic, garden paths which are landscaped is not to be missed as well and is very much noteworthy exploring. History maybe a huge part of Girona, but don’t miss the new activities in the city. Have fun checking the boutiques, restaurants and view the sports infrastructures of the city.

Final Thoughts

Be it fun or business; these destinations will completely take your breath away. Enjoying the city’s view, party all night, business trips or cultural visit, Spain is an excellent choice. Full of passionate people, you’ll love the place and be awed by the scenery. Feel the moment and capture the beauty of the best cities to visit in Spain.